Announcing our new Head of School

We are delighted to announce that for the 2021-2022 academic year, King Chalapati (L6GRO) will be the new Head of School. The two Deputy Heads of School are Itsoghena Oyedeji (L6LES) and Joe Flory (L6LES).

Head of Sixth Form, Josh Carter, made the announcement following a rigorous application process and, alongside congratulating King, Itsoghena and Joe, he commended all of the candidates who put themselves forward for the roles.

Mr Carter went on to highlight the importance of the Head of School team, he said: “The Head of School Team play a vital role both within the Sixth Form and as part of the wider school community. They are central to student voice within the school and manage School Council meetings and meet regularly with the Headmaster and Head of Sixth Form.

“They support the assembly system and are key representatives for the school on public occasions.”

King is looking forward to September and putting the team’s plans into action: “Everyone has been through a very difficult time recently and we all want to leave it behind and move onwards. From losing the ability to gather the whole school in assemblies to missing a whole term of in person schooling, this pandemic has affected us all in many ways. Itsy, Joe, and I are looking forward to, with the passing of COVID-19, bringing back the sense of unity throughout the school.”