ACCOUNTS – Income & Expenditure / Balance Sheet

The attached accounts give full details of our financial position in year ended 31st December 2015. In summary we have turned a small overall loss in 2014 into a reasonable surplus of £1770 in 2015.  This is mostly due to the net annual dinner costs being brought under tighter control with the new caterers and contract at the Town Hall.  Some expense heads have shown small increases – in part due to extra costs relating to the 150th anniversary.  The aim should be to build our reserves back up to around £20k over the next couple of years.

Baty Overseas Voluntary Service Award

There was no Baty Overseas Voluntary Service award for 2015 so no appropriation was required. An application in March 2016 by Ben Paxton (2015) for a short charitable project in summer 2016 in South America with Carismaperu has been considered, and £300 awarded to him for this project.

Exhibition Award

The 2015 award was made to Victoria Walker at the 150th Annual Dinner by the Lord Mayor.  This, and the recipients from 2013 and 2014 ongoing payments, were funded from the Exhibition Account, with no appropriation required from the general account, thanks to the fundraising monies raised.


Fundraising commenced at the 149th dinner in March 2015, and on that night a healthy £787.00 was raised.  The fundraising launch to the wider membership was made in August 2015 when the donation leaflet was sent out with the newsletter.

This has produced a small, but steady response in personal donations.  By September 2016 39 individuals had donated £3490.00 plus a further £697.50 in gift aid to give a total of £4187.50.

The 150th Anniversary dinner held in April 2016 also raised a further sum of £1360.00 with the stand-up bingo and various auctions.

The other fundraising to mention is the CAOKS 150th merchandising initiative which can be found at This idea received positive feedback when discussed but to date has only sold a few items earning the Association £36.00 in commission.  Why not go and take a look at the range of items available including t-shirts (from £11.99), sweatshirts (£24.99), mugs (£12.99) and umbrellas (£22.99).  They would make great Christmas presents!

Total funds raised since the launch in 2015 now stand at £6370.50.

So we have made a great start towards our ambitious target but we have hundreds of Full and Associate Members who have not donated yet.  I hope many of you will still consider doing so – even £25 or £50 will take us nearer our target – and fund the ongoing commitments we have to the Exhibition Fund and Baty Overseas Voluntary Service Award.

Nick Phillipson

Hon. Treasurer